Leverage existing IP by sharing templates

Leverage existing IP by sharing templates

Build, host and publish templates powered by Spreadsheets, Python or Math.JS

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Public repository
Public repository

Duplicate a template from the public repository and start using it on a project

Private repository
Private repository

Stop re-inventing the wheel, create your own repository of reusable templates

Integrated templates
Integrated templates

All parameters remain dynamically linked when templates are duplicated

Helpful for managers, engineers and students


Ensure teams leverage existing IP and link calculations to reports all on the one platform


A flexible tool for all engineering disciplines (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical)


Get ahead on CalcTree by using industry resources, from design codes to calculations

“Our firm won’t survive if we don’t have a culture of sharing. We need to avoid reinventing the wheel by contributing to and pulling from open-sourced calculations.”
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