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Powerful integrations

How to craft formulas and design logic in the language you prefer in a single environment

Time-saving templates

How to create a central repository of private templates for your company

Collaborative workspace

How to setup your workspace and collaborate with team members

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Learn about CalcTree's capabilities through an insightful tour of the platform with one of our team members

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What industry leaders are saying

“CalcTree's platform revolutionizes the workflows of engineering calculations, enabling real-time collaboration between cross-functional teams and democratizing knowledge access for AEC professionals across the globe. We are grateful to CalcTree and the team for choosing us as their partner on their journey.”
Shub Bhattacharya
Shub Bhattacharya
General Partner
“Collaboration during the construction process is still very inefficient, exacerbated by a lack of tools that address the unique needs of industry stakeholders. CalcTree’s product is transforming collaboration and efficiency of engineering teams globally”
Diana Swenton
Diana Swenton
VP, Venture Capital
Suffolk Technologies
“In the construction industry, knowledge is slowly built over the course of many years. In a field where every new project is effectively a prototype, nothing beats experience in order to find an elegant solution. CalcTree makes this knowledge easy to find, use and share. The potential in productivity and safety gains is enormous.”
Guillaume Bazouin
Guillaume Bazouin
Head of Startup Programs
“In the midst of a tech revolution in the construction industry, CalcTree is providing a platform for automated engineering calculations that has been done manually since the beginning of time. Not only that, but solving it in a way that enables cross-functional collaboration is truly necessary and revolutionary.”
Sean McCreanor
Sean McCreanor
CEO, Assignar

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