Stay organised and move fast...

Help your team keep data in sync and stay on top of changes

Integration driven

Connect calculations across spreadsheets, python or third-party apps

Version control

In-built versioning and change log across all calculation sources

Parameter linking

Data syncing between design components

Flexible configuration

Configure calculations and workflows to suit you

Live collaboration

Build calcs and workflows simultaneously with your team

Access anywhere

Access your calculations
instantly on any device

Managing design tools is messy, CalcTree makes it easy easy.

Bringing engineering teams, design and calculations together.
A powerful platform where data, design and calculations are always in sync.
engineering data designs and calculations platform
engineering data calculation
engineering data designs and calculations platform
fraction calculation
steel beam junction
engineering data calculation
engineering data designs and calculations platform
fraction calculation
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does CalcTree work?


CalcTree is a flexible no-code web app that runs in the cloud and integrates with the vast range of tools engineers already know and love. 

By integrating with existing tools, CalcTree provides a platform to seamlessly manage calculations, drawings, reports, and even workflows across projects and teams.

It allows users to port computationally heavy and collaborative tasks to the cloud and optimise license and software costs.

CalcTree also provides you access and the ability to contribute to a global marketplace of calculations and workflows. We’ll eventually have hundreds of calculations ready to use across civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering, helping you save time and money.  

Who is CalcTree for?


CalcTree is for engineers and technical designers across all disciplines, sectors and jurisdictions. Anyone who needs to push or pull data and manage information across tools and teams will benefit from CalcTree. 

For creators who wish to make their calculations and workflows publically available, you’ll get the benefit of building your personal brand, which can lead to consulting opportunities. In the future, you’ll also be able to earn a passive income if you chose to monetise your assets. Get in touch via our contact page if you’d like to learn more

Do you replace or integrate with my existing tools?


Our aim isn't to pull engineers away from tools they know and trust. Instead, we want to help you glue these tools together and better manage data across them.

We do this by providing you with an interpretation layer that can speak to and translate data from all the tools in your team's workflow. As well as through a simple web interface where you can link calculations and drawings together, manage a database of IP and collaborate across all of it with your team

We already have loads of calcs internally. What's the point of this?


Every team has its own set of tools and standard approaches. Great, it forms the essence of your competitive advantage! 

But the current way of managing tools and templates is often chaotic and hard to maintain. Making it tough for teams and companies to control quality and leverage their existing IP. 

CalcTree allows users and teams to bring existing tools and templates onto one private repository. With the powerful search and version control features in CalcTree, teams can leverage and build on existing IP quickly.

What is the price?


If you join our waitlist or our Slack community now, CalcTree will be entirely free for six months!

But if you'd like to wait, that's cool. CalcTree will launch with a fantastic freemium subscription to get you started. CalcTree will offer competitive prices for three tiers; Individual, Team and Enterprise. This ensures there is a well suited subscription tier for everyone. We’ll launch our pricing page when we’re ready to announce the packages. 

To discuss team and enterprise options, get in touch via our contact page.

What are the benefits of signing up or joining the Slack community?


Here are just a few:

  • Get a free 6 month subscription upon launch
  • Get early access to our platform and 100s of calcs that come with it
  • Gain a head start contributing as a creator. Get your name out there and cement yourself as a ‘go-to’ expert on CalcTree.
  • Secure a front-row seat in shaping the platform to suit your needs through discussions with the community and our founders.