That’s why we built CalcTree!

A powerful platform where data, designs and calculations are always in sync
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Our backstory

Re-inventing the wheel

Frustrated with the inefficiencies of re-creating calculations and workflow logic on most GeoTechnical projects, Mahan believed there had to be a better way.
Mahan Lamei calctree founder and cto

Data silos

Onur saw first-hand the data fragmentation challenges in the construction industry during his time as a Product Manager at Archistar.
Onur Ekinci calctree founder and ceo

Calculation mayhem

Tim lived the pain of calculation management at Arup as a senior structural engineer and knew it had to be addressed differently.
Tim Rawling calctree founder and coo
Together, combined with a team of engineers, product managers and designers,

CalcTree was born to create a step-change for engineering design and collaboration.

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